We are very sorry to inform you that WorldSings is canceling the World’s Best Song Contest in Los Angele 2017.

The reason for canceling the contest is a lack of submission of qualifying songs.

Imagine a stage with some of the best  songwriters, artists and bands on earth performing their songs for the title “World’s Best Song” to be heard by over 7.4 billion people and on 7 continents at one time. Each person listening becomes a part of that song.  The world chooses the winner! WorldSings, LLC is organizing an annual contest for The World’s Best Song in Los Angeles, California, USA, 2017, promoting the Best Songs, Songwriters and Artists from all over the world, introducing them to fans and music industry worldwide, through Live Concert, TV Broadcasting, Live Streaming, Radio, Internet/Social and Music Websites, Newspapers, Magazines.

Our Mission


The mission is to create a music platform for the best songwriters and artists from all over the world, to honor their work and help them achieve worldwide exposure and promotion to reach their full potential as they become our future international stars, stars that will go on with WorldSings to help change the force of music for the good of the people. One  note, one voice, one word is the song that changes the future.

WorldSings is dedicated to promoting music, peace and love along with our ultimate goal to give to charities around the globe.

Contest Entry


Artists from all around the world are welcome to submit their original songs along with a completed Entry Form. The deadline is December 31, 2016.


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