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General Information

World’s Best Contest will be held in Los Angeles, California, USA 2017.
It will be held in two days(2), Semi-Final and Grand-Final.

The event is age 7 & up.
Video cameras are not allowed
Selfie sticks are not allowed
Audio recording devices are not allowed
Food & Beverages are not allowed
Smoking is not allowed
Cancellations/refund/exchanges are not allowed

World’s Best Song Contest FAQ’s

Q.Who can participate in World’s Best Song Contest?
A.Signed and unsigned Artists from all over the world (the songs must be original and must have melody and lyrics).

Q.Can Artists and their legal representatives (manager, agent, record label, parent, legal guardian) submit their original song(s)-music video(s), photo(s) and biographies?
A.Yes, Artists and their legal representatives can download and fill out the World’s Best Song Contest Entry Form and submit the Entry Form and their links with original song(s)-music video(s)-mp3, photo(s) and biographies to

Q.When is the deadline for Artists or their representatives to submit their links with their original song(s) music video(s)-mp3, photo(s) and biographies?
A. The deadline for the Artists and their representatives to submit their original song(s) music video(s)-mp3, photo(s) and biographies is December 31, 2016.

Q.Who selects the songs that will qualify for the World’s Best Song Contest?
A.WorldSings, LLC at its sole discretion, reserves the right to select the songs.

Q.Do you accept volunteers?
A.Yes, please contact:

Q.Where can I purchase tickets?
A.It will be announced.

Q.Can I buy tickets at the Box Office?
A.Yes, if tickets are not sold out over the internet or by phone.

Q.Can I use a credit card to buy tickets?
A.Yes, you can also use a debit card and cash (cash only at the Box Office).

Q.Do I get a discount if I buy tickets as a two-day package?

Q.Do you offer “will call” tickets?

Q.Is it going to be after-party?
A.Yes, there will be parties after Semi-Final and the Grand-Final to meet and greet the Artists.

Q.Who can attend the party?
A.Tickets-holders, Press Journalists, Photographers, Special Guests and Volunteers.

Q.Can I bring food and drinks at the event?
A.No, we are sorry. There will be food and beverages to purchase at the event.

Q.Can I do promotion, advertising, at the event?
A.Yes, only if you are the official sponsor and have a formal written authorization of the event’s promoter.

Q.Can I sell merchandises at the event, the parking lot or the campus?
A.You cannot sell merchandise if you do not have written seller contract, your merchandise will be confiscated and a legal action will be taken against you.

Q.Is it going to be first aid at the event?

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